What we do to make your life easier.

Our phones are always on

APS aims to be the wedge between the rock and a hard place the Property Manager is in with the tenant and landlord.

We understand that tenants want everything done yesterday and landlords don’t want to spend a fortune. We want to make your life easier. Our phones are always on and are happy to provide advice on anything we can. Sometimes a simple phone call can clear things up and eliminate the need for a trade visit altogether, or at least point you in the right direction.

Multiple quotes for a choice of solutions

We don’t just provide free quote, but we can go one step further and provide multiple quotes on the same job giving options from a cheaper fix to a major repair.

Clear and prompt communication

When you have an owner, tenant, property manager and a tradie, things can get messy.

APS believes that clear and prompt communication is key when working with real estate.

Comprehensive reporting

One thing we have learned from years of experience within the real estate sector is the need for extensive reporting.

Each quote and invoice are broken down to provide as much detail as possible and is always sent with before and after photos of work done.

Sophisticated project management

Sophisticated project management software allows us to track when job info is entered into our system then modified, scheduled, attended, and completed.

Furthermore, it allows us to geo locate our workers and provide real world location and timing of onsite times keeping us accountable for costs invoiced.

Flexibility and Scalability

We can attend any small urgent reactive breakdown while also being a one stop shop allowing fast turn arounds on bigger jobs that require multiple trades.